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Article by David Chaudron, PhD

People and New Technology: Stopping them from Going Mental

David Chaudron, PhD

This article explains why we get excited over new versions of PowerPoint but cringe when we implement our favorite blend of enterprise software, CRM or E-HR. Furthermore, this article goes into detail about why employees are reluctant to use the new systems and what you should do about it. Why are employees reluctant? What do you do about it? Find the answers to these questions by reading the full article.
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Additional Information on HR & Technology

Business Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies

S. J. Andriole

Can you explain to anyone what Web 2.0 Technologies’ are? In the similar vein can you explain the business values of wikis, blogs, podcasts, social networks, virtual networks and RSS filters? This articles talks about the key insights of these technologies and what companies can expect if they use them.

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Electronic Human Resource Management: challenges in the digital era

T. V. Bondarouk & H. J. M. Ruel

What is e-HRM? Is this a new buzzword or really the integration of the IT department and the HR department? Isn't every department supposed to create value for its employees? The authors state that this combination of departments, which is held under the umbrella term e-HRM, results in greater value for its employees. How much value? What are the key issues from each department that in combination may cause t his so called increased value?

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Multi-Objective Human Resources Allocation in R&D Projects Planning

A. Certa, M. Enea, G. Galante & C. M. La Fata

Research and development sectors of an organization depend highly on the capabilities of the work force; especially organizations that require innovation and and product development to gain competitive advantage. It is customary that many of these same organizations have multiple projects working simultaneously. It is the role of management to assign skill level depending on the project. This article proposes a model that focuses on three aspects of human resources that are essential in allocating employee skill sets to numerous projects within a structured time set. How does management optimize their human resources? In addition, how does management also take into account the satisfaction of its employees in collaborative teamwork environments? This article answers these questions and more.

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When less is more.

Kulik, C. T., & Perry, E. L.

This article describes possible advantages and productive changes Human Resource departments can make to enhance the organization and its reputation. The devolution strategy was the focus and shows a significant effect on the perception of HR management.

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Identity Theft

A. Jones
Associate Organized Change

Workplace records, especially personal employee information, are susceptible to theft. Organizations and the individuals employed in these organizations should be aware of this type of theft, the details of how this theft occurs, and what preventive measures can be put in place that can provide the best protection. In the article you will find several tips that will provide protection for your companies’ confidential information.

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People and Technology

D. Bender, SPHR
Associate Organized Change

The incredible level and use of technology is becoming more apparent in the context of work and everyday lives. Are we as individuals able to keep up with the advances in technology? In this article you will find eight suggestions to help guide you in this ever increasing technological world.

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