Human Capital Management


Human Capital Management
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Human resource development, domains of information technology use, and levels of economic prosperity

J. E. Kottermann & K. M. Boyer-Wright

122 countries were assessed in this article. Investigation of education quality, on-the-job training, the maturity of information, communication technology, and GDP per capita. Findings indicate something we could have all guessed; education positively associated with GDP per capita. However, there were findings that one could not have guess and even one could be surprised about the new information.

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Transactive Memory and Performance in Work Groups: Specificity, Communication, Ability Differences, and Work Allocation

G. E. Littlepage
A. B. Hollingshead

Work performance in organizations has been assessed in numerous ways according to the literature. This article speaks about how transactive memory supports the existence of increased performance of clerical work groups. To find out the specific hypotheses that was stated and how much performance was increased can be found out by reading the full article provided below.
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Capitalize on Staff Insight & Experience during Budget Challenges - Human Capital

A. Avigdor, A. Chen, and J. Konkin

A very critical topic for organizations to pay attention to is human capital. Employees are considered the engine that makes the organization run effectively and smoothly. This presentation describes different concepts, dimensions, and measurements of human capital that are important for any organization and its leaders to know and understand.

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Workplace Inclusion during times of Economic Turmoil

by Tumona Austin

Unemployed individuals are losing their homes and exhausting their savings; Those individuals fortunate enough to remain employed are concerned with job security. The present state of affairs in the United States (US) begs the question ‘What steps and/or actions can we make in order to help secure and/or keep employed the average working aged individual?’

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The Effects of Human Resource Practices on Firm Growth

by Ilias P. Vlachos

Little is known about the practice of human resources within an organization contributing to the growth of the firm. In this study, it is found that compensation policies are most strongly linked to firm growth. Job security had the weakest relation with growth.

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